Apr 22nd, 2014
"Kamu sungguh tahu percis bahwa uang dan ketenaran adalah perangkap jitu untuk menghancurkan hidupmu. Kamu sadar sesadar-sadarnya. Lalu kamu akan mengemasi tas, pergi berlibur, menyembuhkan kenangan-kenangan burukmu."
— Puthut EA, dalam novel Cinta Tak Pernah Tepat Waktu (via puspitasaria)
Apr 22nd, 2014
Apr 22nd, 2014
Apr 22nd, 2014


Dear Cutie-Pie,
Recently, your mother and I were searching for an answer on Google. Halfway through entering the question, Google returned a list of the most popular searches in the world. Perched at the top of the list was “How to keep him interested.”
It startled me. I scanned several of the countless articles about how to be sexy and sexual, when to bring him a beer versus a sandwich, and the ways to make him feel smart and superior.
And I got angry.
Little One, it is not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep him interested.”
Little One, your only task is to know deeply in your soul—in that unshakeable place that isn’t rattled by rejection and loss and ego—that you are worthy of interest. (If you can remember that everyone else is worthy of interest also, the battle of your life will be mostly won. But that is a letter for another day.)
If you can trust your worth in this way, you will be attractive in the most important sense of the word: you will attract a boy who is both capable of interest and who wants to spend his one life investing all of his interest in you.
Little One, I want to tell you about the boy who doesn’t need to be keptinterested, because he knows you are interesting:
I don’t care if he puts his elbows on the dinner table—as long as he puts his eyes on the way your nose scrunches when you smile. And then can’t stop looking.
I don’t care if he can’t play a bit of golf with me—as long as he can play with the children you give him and revel in all the glorious and frustrating ways they are just like you.
I don’t care if he doesn’t follow his wallet—as long as he follows his heart and it always leads him back to you.
I don’t care if he is strong—as long as he gives you the space to exercise the strength that is in your heart.
I couldn’t care less how he votes—as long as he wakes up every morning and daily elects you to a place of honor in your home and a place of reverence in his heart.
I don’t care about the color of his skin—as long as he paints the canvas of your lives with brushstrokes of patience, and sacrifice, and vulnerability, and tenderness.
I don’t care if he was raised in this religion or that religion or no religion—as long as he was raised to value the sacred and to know every moment of life, and every moment of life with you, is deeply sacred.
In the end, Little One, if you stumble across a man like that and he and I have nothing else in common, we will have the most important thing in common:
Because in the end, Little One, the only thing you should have to do to “keep him interested” is to be you.
Your eternally interested guy,
Happy International Women’s Day
Apr 22nd, 2014
Apr 22nd, 2014
Apr 22nd, 2014

Selamat Hari Kartini, perempuan-perempuan Indonesia.
Apr 22nd, 2014
"Ia, kenangan, bisa datang dari apa saja, dari mana saja, seperti setan. Ia bisa menyentak ketika kita sedang mengaduk minuman. Ia bisa menerabas hanya lewat satu adegan kecil di film yang sedang kita tonton. Ia bisa menyeruak dari sebuah deskripsi novel yang sedang kita baca. Ia bersemayam di mana-mana, di bau parfum orang yang bersimpangan dengan kita, di saat kita sedang termangu di pantai, di saat kita sedang mendengarkan lagu. Kenangan itu seperti kubangan lumpur hidup. Tanpa sadar kita telah terperosok di dalamnya. Dan ketika kita mencoba untuk keluar dari kubangan itu, ia semakin menyedot masuk."
— Puthut EA, dalam novel Cinta Tak Pernah Tepat Waktu (via puspitasaria)
Apr 22nd, 2014
"Talk with your daughters, Play with your sons. You need to be a better friend to them than anyone else. This society offers lots of evil friends. Before they make those kinds of friends, they need to find their best friend in you."
Nouman Ali Khan
From the Collection: Nouman Ali Khan Quotes
Originally found on: theheedlessheart (via islamic-art-and-quotes)

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Apr 22nd, 2014
"Jika Allah sanggup mengatur matahari tetap pada tempatnya, juga planet-planet pada lintasannya, mengatur jarak langit dan bumi, mengatur jarak antar gemintang sekian kilometer jauhnya. Maka mudah bagi Allah mengatur jodoh yang bisa jadi hanya berjarak ratusan meter dari kita."
— Fanspage OSD (via laninalathifa)
Apr 21st, 2014
Apr 21st, 2014

Kita dipandang baik kadang kala bukanlahlah karena benar-benar baik, tapi karena Allah menutupi aib yang ada pada diri kita.
Apr 21st, 2014

Do not teach your daughters to be ‘pretty.’

Do not entomb her in a pretty pink tower
and insist that only the degree of her physical appeal
may set her free.
Teach her to fight her way out,
to consume books and spit knowledge
to lesser boys who insist she is just beautiful
and nothing more.

Teach her to love her body
not to manipulate and put a price tag on herself
as a defined worth
she shall be immeasurable
she shall be more than this.

Do not let her break herself down
when the boy in kindergarden hits her
because he likes her.
What are you really teaching her?
Pain and love are not synonymous
neither are pretty and perfection.

Teach her to be kind
to be harsh
to be demure
to be wild
to be sensitive
to be thick-skinned

But good god,

Do not teach your daughters to be ‘pretty.’

Michelle K., Do Not Teach Your Daughters to Be ‘Pretty’ (via creatingaquietmind)

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Apr 19th, 2014


- Tanggalkan Kaca Matamu, Budak Tomato. (via bawahlangit)

Sungguh ak tersentuh dgn ayat ini
Apr 18th, 2014